Getting Started.

Before using Hot Shot Delivery's One-Click Ordering application, you'll need an online account login. To create an account, go to and click on "New Customers" in the top right-hand corner.

This will open up a window with two choices:

If this is your first time using Hot Shot Delivery, click "OPEN A NEW ACCOUNT." Please complete all fields and then click "Process" to submit your application.

Note: It may take up to 2 business days to process your application. Please call 713.869.5525 with any questions or to check on the status of your application.

If you are an existing Hot Shot customer but have not previously used our online ordering system, click "SET UP AN ONLINE ACCOUNT LOGIN."

You will see this form:

  1. Create a unique user ID (we recommend using your first initial and last name).
  2. Enter your full name, email address and phone number.
  3. Enter your customer ID as it appears on your invoices.
    If you have any trouble locating your customer ID, please call us at 713.869.5525.
  4. Create a password that is at least 5 characters long. This password is case sensitive!

Click "Continue" to submit the form, then call 713.869.5525 to complete the authorization process.

Downloading and Installing the application.

Once you have an account and a user ID, you're ready to download the Hot Shot Delivery One-Click Ordering application. Visit and click on the "Download" link at the bottom of the page, next to the One-Click icon.

Your computer may ask you to confirm that you want to run this program. Click "Run" twice to continue.

A Setup Wizard should open to guide you through the rest of the process. When prompted to enter your Login Name and Password, please be sure to enter them exactly as you did when you created your online account login (see above).

If everything has installed correctly, you should see a Hot Shot Delivery icon appear on your desktop.

One-Click Ordering

Anytime you need to place an order with Hot Shot Delivery, double-click on the Hot Shot Delivery icon located on your desktop. When the application launches, click "Place an Order."

  1. "Origin" should always be the full street address of the place where the package will be picked up. Please include the exact pick-up location, quantity and type of package in the "Remarks" box (for example: "1 envelope at front desk").
  2. "Destination" should always be the full street address of the place where the package is to be delivered. Please include any special delivery instructions, including name of recipient, in the "Remarks" box (for example: "Leave at north loading dock," "no signature needed" or "ATTN: John Smith").

Once all information has been entered, you'll be asked to review and confirm your order, including the rate. You may also enter your email address here to receive notifications when your delivery is picked up and/or delivered.

Your order will not be sent until you click "Finish" on this page.


Finally, you will receive the message that "Your order has been confirmed!"

This screen contains several pieces of useful information. The tracking number can be used to check on the status of your delivery at any time at

You can now print a shipping label for your package or arrange for your package to make a round trip back to its point of origin.

You can also use the data you've already entered to create additional orders with the same origin and/or destination.

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