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What Is Shipping Really Costing You?

For many companies, shipping costs are a nuisance, a perennial budget line item that, like death and taxes, seems unavoidable. You try to encourage your employees to make cost-effective choices, but neither you nor they are really sure what smart shipping looks like.

Enter the Delivery Dude. Eric Donaldson, president of Hot Shot Delivery, is a supply-chain savant. After establishing himself in the fields of business development and consulting, he joined Hot Shot Delivery and developed a true passion for logistics.

He is the principal founder of the Texas Courier & Logistics Association (TCLA), and in 2010 was named the NFIB Small Business Champion for Texas.

Eric has the know-how to find the holes in your current shipping practices that could be costing you thousands of dollars each year. No matter what you’re sending or how far it needs to travel, he’ll help you get it there more efficiently.

When it comes to making your shipping dollars go farther, the dude delivers.

How Strong Is Your Supply Chain?

Are you getting the most for your money, or cutting the wrong corners? Find out with a free analysis by the Delivery Dude.

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