Updates and Shipping Tips from Hot Shot Delivery

More Than Just Flowers and Candy

Happy Valentine’s Day! If that sentence caught you off guard, there’s good news: It’s not too late to make your sweetheart’s day. Hot Shot is no stranger to last-minute delivery requests for Godiva chocolates, red roses and other traditional Valentine’s Day items. But why not do something a bit more unique? Here are some outside-the-box Valentine’s Day gift ideas that can still be delivered in time.

  • Not every honey has a sweet tooth. Instead of chocolates, why not send over a basket of fresh fruit from the local market?
  • Is your Valentine under the weather? Send him or her a care package of tea, chicken soup and tissues. Even these everyday items can be romantic when hand-delivered.
  • Your Valentine’s gift should be given today, but it can be enjoyed later. Surprise your special someone with a gift certificate to one of their favorite stores.
  • Add the element of surprise. Pretend you’ve totally forgotten to make plans for a Valentine’s Day dinner — then open the door for a delicious delivery from your favorite restaurant.

Hot Shot can arrange the logistics of even complex Valentine’s Day deliveries. Call 713.869.7575 from the comfort of your home or office, and avoid being in the dog house later.

Don’t be LATE

Monday, February 13th, 2012

It’s February again, and if you haven’t noticed, the air is heavy with love (or is that humidity?) and the card aisles at your local convenience store are full of red, heart-shaped boxes. Stuffed animals and balloons overrun the front part of the store. Everyone’s got a sweet tooth.

And the romantic poetry is starting to get a little annoying if you ask me.

Even so, Hot Shot is here to help you keep your honey happy, even if it means racing across town with candy and bracelets. Remember: The only thing worse than forgetting to send something for Valentine’s Day is sending melted chocolates, flattened cupcakes and mangled jewelry.

Sadly, not every delivery service takes as much care as we do. YouTube is packed to the brim with videos of delivery men playing football, hockey, and some yet to be discovered action sports with fragile packages (at Hotshot, we call those “horror movies”). As for timeliness… let’s just say there are some deliveries from the 1980s that have yet to be received.

To be fair, some YouTube deliveries are also above and beyond the call of Valentine’s Day sweetness, featuring bears delivering chocolate and candy to hardworking librarians, like these guys:

Anyway, it doesn’t take Cupid to know that Valentine’s Day is a can’t-miss delivery holiday, when the difference between sending and missing your delivery is the difference between a lovely evening with your darling and a night on the couch… or the front stoop.

And if you made the incredible, jaw-dropping mistake of failing to prepare in advance for the holiday- shame on you, by the way- keep in mind that Hot Shot does same-day delivery, so we can get your package to its destination in less than two hours.

In other words, we can save Valentine’s Day, and you can spend the day writing love notes instead of an apology letter.

But why wait for it to get that close? Schedule your delivery now and put your mind at ease. We don’t miss and we’re not late, so with your confirmation in hand (or email box), all you have to do is find a decent restaurant that won’t cost you a million bucks for a table on February 14th.