Updates and Shipping Tips from Hot Shot Delivery

Hot Shot Tips for a Smooth Delivery

At Hot Shot Delivery, we strive to make every delivery easy and stress-free for you, our customer. The ideal delivery looks the same to us as it does to you: No questions to ask, no last-minute changes, no delays and no unexpected fees.

A smooth delivery starts with a detailed order ticket. The more we know about your shipping needs and expectations, the better we will be able to serve you. Here are a few things you can do to help get the process started off right.

   HSD_May_BlogPost_Gfx1Provide the dispatcher with as much information about your shipment as possible. If ordering online, use the “Remarks” field below the address of origin.
• What are you shipping? Is there anything time-sensitive, security-sensitive, or temperature-sensitive in the shipment?
• How many items are you shipping?
• Are they packaged in boxes, envelopes or tubes?
• Where does the courier need to go to pick up the items (specific entrance, floor or department)?


HSD_May_BlogPost_Gfx2When selecting your “Pickup Ready” time and date, think about the following:
• The amount of time between the “Pickup Ready” time entered and when the courier arrives will depend on the speed of service requested. For example: If you order a Regular delivery, the courier has 4 ½ hours to complete your delivery. Therefore, a courier may not come to pick up the package right away.
• Not only does the item you’re shipping need to be ready — so do you. Please make sure that someone will be available to hand off the item to the courier.
• Please do not schedule a package pickup during a time when your office is closed. (If your office closes for lunch, please take this into consideration as well.)


HSD_May_BlogPost_Gfx3Before finalizing your order, make sure your recipient is prepared to accept their shipment.
• Will the recipients’ office be open during the estimated delivery window? If shipping to a residence, will the recipient be home during the estimated delivery window?
• Is there a special entrance for deliveries? If so, please include this information in the “Remarks” field below the destination address.
• If shipment is large, does recipient have a loading dock?


HSD_May_BlogPost_Gfx4Leave an “in case of emergency” number.
Even the best laid plans can hit a snag sometimes. Please provide us with a way to contact you in case we are unable to pick up or deliver the package as expected.



If you have any questions regarding pickup and delivery times, please call our dispatchers at 713.869.7575.

The Scariest Day of the Year

November 15th, 2012

For those of you checking your calendars, yes, Halloween has come and gone — we’re talking about Black Friday, the day that can make or break a business’s year. Not only is it a nerve-wracking day for retailers, but the sheer numbers can make a distribution manager quake in his boots:

In 2011…

226 million people shopped on Black Friday.

Americans spent $52 billion on Black Friday weekend.

59% of consumers reported doing the majoring of their holiday shopping online.*

Nearly 29 million people didn’t even wait for Black Friday — they shopped on Thanksgiving Day.

This year…

Holiday sales are projected to rise 4.1% for a total of $586.1 billion.

Online sales are forecast to increase 12% for a total of $96 billion.

53% of consumers are planning to shop on Black Friday.*

52% of people would consider shopping on Thanksgiving Day if the sales are good enough.*

All numbers are as reported by the National Retail Federation except * from Accenture.

If that kind of volume sounds overwhelming, let Hot Shot allay your fears. Don’t have the warehousing capacity to store all the inventory you need for the holiday rush? Our logistics division is ready to receive, store, replenish and manage your inventory, as well as fulfill orders for your customers. Have the warehouse space but need help getting large shipments from distribution centers to stores? Check out our freight and trucking services.

No matter how diligently you plan for the holiday shopping season, inventory, distribution and shipping emergencies happen. Be prepared for the unexpected: program Hot Shot Delivery 713.869.7575 into your cell phone.

Don’t be LATE

Monday, February 13th, 2012

It’s February again, and if you haven’t noticed, the air is heavy with love (or is that humidity?) and the card aisles at your local convenience store are full of red, heart-shaped boxes. Stuffed animals and balloons overrun the front part of the store. Everyone’s got a sweet tooth.

And the romantic poetry is starting to get a little annoying if you ask me.

Even so, Hot Shot is here to help you keep your honey happy, even if it means racing across town with candy and bracelets. Remember: The only thing worse than forgetting to send something for Valentine’s Day is sending melted chocolates, flattened cupcakes and mangled jewelry.

Sadly, not every delivery service takes as much care as we do. YouTube is packed to the brim with videos of delivery men playing football, hockey, and some yet to be discovered action sports with fragile packages (at Hotshot, we call those “horror movies”). As for timeliness… let’s just say there are some deliveries from the 1980s that have yet to be received.

To be fair, some YouTube deliveries are also above and beyond the call of Valentine’s Day sweetness, featuring bears delivering chocolate and candy to hardworking librarians, like these guys:

Anyway, it doesn’t take Cupid to know that Valentine’s Day is a can’t-miss delivery holiday, when the difference between sending and missing your delivery is the difference between a lovely evening with your darling and a night on the couch… or the front stoop.

And if you made the incredible, jaw-dropping mistake of failing to prepare in advance for the holiday- shame on you, by the way- keep in mind that Hot Shot does same-day delivery, so we can get your package to its destination in less than two hours.

In other words, we can save Valentine’s Day, and you can spend the day writing love notes instead of an apology letter.

But why wait for it to get that close? Schedule your delivery now and put your mind at ease. We don’t miss and we’re not late, so with your confirmation in hand (or email box), all you have to do is find a decent restaurant that won’t cost you a million bucks for a table on February 14th.

7 Reasons Santa Claus is like Hot Shot Delivery

Tuesday, December 20th, 2011

1. Although unknown to most, Santa Claus’ suit was inspired by ‘Hot Shot Red & white’. With delivery so reliable, Santa felt compelled to have the same trusted reputation, so he modeled his signature wardrobe after Hot Shot Delivery!

2. Both Hot Shot and Santa Claus use the latest & greatest in tracking technology. Santa was so impressed by Hot Shot’s state-of-the-art tracker that he started using a system modeled after it. Hot Shot’s tracking system lets customers know exactly where their packages are at all times, and Santa figured he could make use of this himself.

3. Hot Shot and Santa both deliver joy during the holiday season! From presents, to treats and sweets, only Hot Shot and Santa can quickly deliver the goods spreading holiday cheer from door to door (or chimney to chimney).

4. With hundreds of staff and delivery drivers, Hot Shot is well-equipped with plenty of man power to ensure that everyone gets their holiday merriment. When Santa noticed how efficient Hot Shot’s staff was, he promptly hired elves and trained them to transport and process items, just like the Hot Shot team.

5. Hot Shot Delivery has a fleet of quick & reliable transportation to get packages delivered as quickly as possible. Santa knew he needed to be as quick as the Hot Shot Delivery team, so he invested in a sleigh and his reindeer. Although not as fancy as a Hot Shot Delivery vehicle, it would just have to do.

6. Everyone knows that Santa works 24/7 in order to make it all the way around the world at all the right times to get kids around the world their presents on time. Hot Shot has deliveries to make to kids, adults and well, everyone! So Hot Shot works around the clock, 24/7 to make sure every package is in the right hands on time, no matter how big or small.

7. Kris Kringle, Papa Noel, St. Nick…all very different names, but all associated to the one and only Santa Claus. Just like Hot Shot’s staff are known as many different things; courier, messenger, delivery driver…all have one purpose, and that’s to satisfy customers during this holiday season!

May this holiday season be filled with warmth, laughter and love. From our family to yours, happy holidays!

The Hot Shot Delivery Family

A Messenger’s Message

Thursday, September 29th, 2011

September is a tremendous month for so many reasons. Fall is in the air (sometimes here in Texas) and it’s also the month of Saint Gabriel’s Day. Gabriel was an angelic messenger. How cool is that title? The terrific thing I found out about Gabriel is that he appears across multiple religions, and there is amazing history and art associated with him. However, at the root of it all, Gabriel was a messenger.

For us, our deliveries are more than envelopes and packages.

“We deliver, peace of mind to the nervous new associate shipping their first deal to closing.” “We deliver life to the young father that is undergoing emergency valve replacement surgery.” “We deliver time to the busy executive assistant, who no longer has sit on hold to place an order.” “We deliver comfort the patient that can now choose home dialysis.” “We deliver excitement when you watch a sporting event in HD.” “We deliver luxury when you choose to eat a fine seafood meal.”

Finally, “We deliver enjoyment to our customers because they know that when we are on the delivery, they can relax, have peace of mind and time to enjoy the comfort and luxury of life.”

What we do today at Hot Shot Delivery, Inc. is no different than what we have always done. Our service options and offerings have expanded, but like Gabriel, our message is still the same.

Be sure to take a moment and reflect on the messengers and messages around you. Here’s to success and health of you and yours. Thank you to all for supporting Hot Shot and for being a part of our family.