Updates and Shipping Tips from Hot Shot Delivery

Handling the Houston Heat

Tuesday, July 12th, 2011

Boy, it sure is hot outside! And while the summer heat seems unbearable, most of us just see it as a nuisance. We perceive it as a right of passage of living in South Texas but rarely consider just how problematic it can be.

Houstonians have grown accustomed to heat advisories and don’t always take them as seriously as they should. We at Hot Shot Delivery understand that extreme temperatures can be devastating. Recently we were called upon to handle a replacement heart valve which was required to be kept under strict temperature control. If not properly controlled, the valve would be useless.

When facing a serious health problem, the last thing you need to worry about is the reliability of the courier service. Whether we’re transporting a simple blood sample or an organ for donation, Hot Shot handles each medical delivery with delicate care and efficiency.

We are determined to meet all temperature demands and know that any failure may not just be economically expensive, but can really affect the company or individual. That’s why we are one of the most trusted medical delivery companies in Houston, handling work for several of the areas largest hospitals and medical device companies.

Heat doesn’t just affect medical related deliveries; Hot Shot handles all sorts of temperature sensitive packages.

Need to send an expensive bottle of wine for a friend’s birthday? You need to take temperature into account. Wine is like milk, you can’t let it just sit in the back of a hot truck all day. Extreme temperature changes can wreak havoc on the wine’s delicate flavors and ruin your thoughtful gift before it even arrives.

Hot Shot also handles the delivery of fresh seafood and live lobsters to several high-end restaurants throughout the Houston area. As unchecked food can spoil easily, it’s important to apply meticulous detail to each step of the delivery process to ensure all parcels are kept at proper temperatures.

While delivery time is the primary concern for many of our customers, it’s but one of the many things we take into account when we handle your shipment. At Hot Shot, each package is a priority.

Hot Shot Delivery Medical Services

Friday, January 28th, 2011

Hot Shot Delivery is a Houston courier service that specializes in numerous delivery options. One of the key aspects of our business is providing top of the line delivery service to members of the medical community throughout the Houston area. Hot Shot utilizes couriers who are awareness trained especially for the delivery of medical goods. This helps to ensure that all of the special equipment required to make these sensitive deliveries is consistently maintained. Whether the delivery consists of pharmaceuticals that need to be delivered to a pharmacy or medical records that need to be transferred between facilities, Hot Shot is there to help make sure that patients and hospital staff have what they need, when they need it.

All categories of medical businesses are serviced by Hot Shot Delivery. Hospitals, private clinics, pharmacies and dentists are all connected by the deliveries that Hot Shot can move between them with ease. This allows facilities to pass the supplies and information needed back and forth, in order to do their job in the best way possible.

Hot Shot responds quickly so you can be rest assured that we can make rush medical deliveries when necessary. We make certain that our customers get the best possible delivery experience by utilizing couriers that have undergone a medical delivery awareness training program. All drivers are aware of the regulations which apply to medical shipping and are 100% committed to adherence to them.

As we all know, medical delivery guidelines and rules can change. This is an industry that, like healthcare, is constantly evolving. Hot Shot always stays up to date with changes that are made to OSHO, DOT or HIPAA regulations. This guarantees that our customers consistently receive up to date service which meets or exceeds the expected industry practices.

No matter how minor or critical the medical delivery is, Hot Shot has the means to see it through quickly and efficiently. The worth of services offered by Hot Shot is easy to understand when you look at the health care facilities present throughout the Houston region. Many of these facilities trust an element of their patient’s care to Hot Shot Delivery, making it very clear that we are a courier company that has worked hard to earn respect from an industry that relies not only on knowledge, timeliness and expertise, but honesty and integrity.

Dependable, Safe, Family Oriented Houston Courier Service

Wednesday, October 20th, 2010

Dependable, Safe, Family Oriented Houston Courier Service

What are three features that you really want to see in a courier company? Here at Hot Shot Delivery, Inc. we’ve asked ourselves this question, but most importantly we’ve asked our customers, whom we love to hear from. These are the most important features our customers have come to expect from us.


Our customers expect us to be Dependable. Several of our customers rely on us to deliver their products to their customers. Have you ever sent something out and found out that it was lost by the delivery service you chose and you were never notified? We know how frustrating that can be, so we make sure that our customers can count on us with their packages. Our Motto at Hot Shot has been “Whatever It Takes” and we do whatever it takes to ensure that your package is delivered on-time, every time. Hot Shot Delivery has an extremely high on-time success rate, so when you send something via Hot Shot, your delivery will arrive when you expect it to. Have a delivery that needed to be there yesterday? Don’t worry call Hot Shot and take advantage of our Emergency Delivery Services, we’ll get it there as soon as physically possible. We are only human and occasionally, events may occur that might affect a delivery, however, instead of trying to sweep it under the rug we are proactively calling our customers to let them know of the situation and the ways we are working to get the problem corrected.

Safety and Security

Hot Shot Delivery, Inc. goes above and beyond our competitors to make sure that our customers as well as those we come in contact with are Safe and Secure. Hot Shot is a licensed motor carrier and a TSA Approved In-Direct Air Carrier. So we are able to offer our customers Next Flight Out service in every U.S. city with a major airport. Hot Shot has a staff of properly insured couriers who are required to complete and pass an exhaustive state and federal criminal background and motor vehicle check. Our uniformed couriers are easily recognized and promote a professional image for you and your company. Hot Shot and its’ couriers are properly insured to protect not only your package, but your company as well.

Family Oriented

Hot Shot Delivery, Inc. was formed in 1978 by Darrell C. Donaldson. Just 1 year later, in 1979, our Operations Manager, Allison Booth joined the Hot Shot Delivery family and is still with us today. We consider ourselves a Family, not just co-workers. You receive personalized service from our Hot Shot Family. We have found that our clients do not feel average because when they joined Hot Shot they became part of our Family. Our people make the difference and we take pride in the strength of the relationships we have built with each and every one of our family members. Our Hot Shot Family is dedicated to staying ahead of the competition in order to offer you the best courier service in Houston.

We welcome feedback from our family (customers & employees), because we make it an effort to continually improve the services that we offer. Please fee free to contact us anytime, whether it’s to say hi, give us a slap on the wrist, or give us a high-five for doing a spectacular job, we look forward to hearing from you.

From our family to yours.


Extra Security for the Shipment of Legal Documents

Thursday, July 22nd, 2010

When you use a Houston courier service to transport legal documents for your organization, you need to know that you can rely on them to ensure safe delivery of documents. The truth is that in many cases, legal documents of various kinds are worth much more than many of the goods that people ship with courier companies. Some legal documents are in their own way worth vast sums of money, and in many situations, it is key that the information contained within them remains confidential. That is why companies should take the time to look for a courier service that can provide them with an extra measure of security when it comes to shipping legal documents.

At Hot Shot Delivery, we understand that shipping legal documents can represent a very large investment to a company. Depending on why the documents are being shipped, the degree of importance which is assigned to security might vary. For instance, some basic legal contracts which are simply replicas of a standard contract that a company sends out regularly, might not warrant increased security. Documents which are involved in large corporate acquisitions though, or which contain production information which needs to remain confidential within the company, are certainly worthy of any increased security measures which might be available from the courier industry.

There are two things that need to be protected against when shipping legal documents. The first is anything which could cause these documents to become lost, or to be delivered to the wrong address. The second is anything which would allow the information contained in the documents to get exposed to the wrong eyes. Luckily, both of these problems can be countered with the same security measures.

By using an in hand courier option, you know that your legal documents are going to be afforded the highest level of security available. By ensuring that a single, unbroken chain of custody is enforced on the documents, you know that you are getting a secure delivery of your package. Primarily, this is because this model of delivery creates accountability. There are no hand offs or transfers where documents can get lost, and when only one set of eyes sees the documents, confidentiality can be assured. If you need to deliver highly sensitive or valuable legal documents across the city or the world, give Hot Shot Delivery a call at 866-261-3184 or 713-869-7575. We have the resources to deliver your shipments safely and securely.