Updates and Shipping Tips from Hot Shot Delivery

Handling the Houston Heat

Tuesday, July 12th, 2011

Boy, it sure is hot outside! And while the summer heat seems unbearable, most of us just see it as a nuisance. We perceive it as a right of passage of living in South Texas but rarely consider just how problematic it can be.

Houstonians have grown accustomed to heat advisories and don’t always take them as seriously as they should. We at Hot Shot Delivery understand that extreme temperatures can be devastating. Recently we were called upon to handle a replacement heart valve which was required to be kept under strict temperature control. If not properly controlled, the valve would be useless.

When facing a serious health problem, the last thing you need to worry about is the reliability of the courier service. Whether we’re transporting a simple blood sample or an organ for donation, Hot Shot handles each medical delivery with delicate care and efficiency.

We are determined to meet all temperature demands and know that any failure may not just be economically expensive, but can really affect the company or individual. That’s why we are one of the most trusted medical delivery companies in Houston, handling work for several of the areas largest hospitals and medical device companies.

Heat doesn’t just affect medical related deliveries; Hot Shot handles all sorts of temperature sensitive packages.

Need to send an expensive bottle of wine for a friend’s birthday? You need to take temperature into account. Wine is like milk, you can’t let it just sit in the back of a hot truck all day. Extreme temperature changes can wreak havoc on the wine’s delicate flavors and ruin your thoughtful gift before it even arrives.

Hot Shot also handles the delivery of fresh seafood and live lobsters to several high-end restaurants throughout the Houston area. As unchecked food can spoil easily, it’s important to apply meticulous detail to each step of the delivery process to ensure all parcels are kept at proper temperatures.

While delivery time is the primary concern for many of our customers, it’s but one of the many things we take into account when we handle your shipment. At Hot Shot, each package is a priority.

Hot Shot Delivery Bike Messenger Service

Tuesday, September 21st, 2010

Hot Shot Delivery, Inc. has been providing fast, reliable delivery services in Houston for many years, especially in the downtown area by utilizing bicycles.  If you’re moving goods or documents between buildings in downtown Houston, you might be wasting your money if you’re paying for a full scale Houston courier service to move your small goods when you could be using a courier that utilizing bike messengers instead.

Bike Messenger service offers several advantages to our customers, all of which help lower the cost of the delivery.  A courier who drives a vehicle must keep up with all federal and state guidelines (i.e. Vehicle Registration, Insurance, License Plates, etc.).  In the downtown area, it is often difficult for the driver to find parking close to where they need to go, and on top of that they have to pay for it as well.  Vehicles also require Fuel, which we know fluctuates on a daily basis, whereas bikes require no fuel at all.

Bike Messengers are able to respond quicker to delivery requests and can often get deliveries made in less than a courier who drives a vehicle.  No need to worry about traffic congestion, bike messengers can maneuver their way through traffic, and use bike paths.

If you’re looking to have small packages, documents, envelopes, and similar cargo delivered across the downtown area, you should take advantage of the bike messenger services that Houston Hot Shot Delivery offers.  It is often the fastest and most economical way to send these types of deliveries.  Best of all, bike messengers have a great environmental advantage over their motored counterparts – a bike has zero emissions, meaning that you’re supporting the environment by going green when you use a courier service in Houston that offers it’s customers a bike messenger service.


The Environment and You

Monday, August 3rd, 2009

There are plenty of things in the news these days about the environment and the “green” movement. Energy costs have been rising over the last few years and there are new taxes that will give every business a reason to consider the environment a bit more and try to become more efficient. Successfully reducing the energy use in your company and in your home demands a commitment from everyone. Not only will you help the environment, but you will also save some money. The tips and tricks I’ve laid out below are just a start – scratching the surface of the many steps that can be taken to cut back on energy use. And, there is no reason these can’t be incorporated at your home as well as the work place.

So, here we go…

1. Raise the Thermostat, Turn off the Water and Change the Lightbulbs – These are simple and probably the most basic of changes that anyone can incorporate. Raise the Thermostat: Trust me, I know that it’s hot in the summer – I live in Houston and I’m very aware of how humid and hot things get in the middle of August. But, your body can adjust to slight changes in temperature relatively easily. Turning the air up so that it’s not running all of the time will lower the bills and total energy usage. Make a plan to raise the temperature 3-5 degrees from it’s current position. Do one degree a week and by the time you get to your goal, your body will be used to the change. If you think it’s hot inside, just go outside for an hour. That will give you some perspective.  Turn off the Water: Do you turn the water on and walk off to do something else? Do you keep the water running while you brush your teeth or stand in a shower for 20 minutes trying to wake up? Why? Turn it off – lower your water intake and again, you will help the environment and your pocketbook. Change the LightBulbs – The lightbulbs of the past are exactly that. So, get some Energy Smart light bulbs to replace your current bulbs. They are more expensive, but they save on electricity costs, use less energy and are overall better for the environment. Less wattage and longer lasting…it’s worth it and it’s easy.

2. Printers – How much do you use your printer? Are you printing things that eventually get thrown away or tossed in a drawer? These days, with the ease of 3rd party data storage and computer back up procedures, the printer is not the necessary machine as in years past. Of course we still need a printer for some things, but just think before you print. Anyone who knows me or gets emails from me has seen the bottom of my emails… “Please consider the environment before printing this email.”

3. Turn it off – Did you know that lighting accounts for 44% of the monthly electricity usage at office buildings? When you leave a room, turn the light off. And, utilize natural light when you can. At the end of the day, turn all computers, lights, copy machines, printers, etc.. off. Don’t forget the power strips they are attached to. Also, during the day, setting your computer to go to sleep automatically during short breaks can cut energy use by 70 percent. And so you know, screen savers don’t save energy.  Make this a habit and it won’t even phase you. The machines will last longer and the energy usage will decrease.

4. Recycle – This can be done at home or at work. It truly helps and it does not take a big change to incorporate recycling procedures. Place recycling bins in each office, next to the printers, in the break rooms, etc… At home, have a regular trash can and a recycle trash can. Be sure to place a sign next to the bins with what can be recycled and what can’t. Saving the Earth one can at a time – seems impossible, but every bit helps.

5. Consider who you do business with – The final tip for the day will include a courier service example. The easiest to give an example of energy saving and environmentally smart decisions is to give you a quick example of how working with a company like Hot Shot Delivery to deliver your packages vs. a different company can be good for the environment.

First, a little information….each person has a carbon footprint. According to Wikipedia, a carbon footprint is “the total set of GHG (greenhouse gas) emissions caused directly and indirectly by an individual, organization, event or product” – their individual drain of energy on the environment. Finding out your carbon footprint and then learning ways to reduce it is a great step towards embracing a “greener” life.

Ok, so back to the example – Let’s say that you are in Downtown Houston and need to deliver a package to The Woodlands (approx. 30  minutes away). By working with Hot Shot Delivery, chances are good that you are not the only one that needs a package delivered there.  So, your package jumps in with a few other packages making that trip. And, when the driver gets to the destination, he may have a few other packages to pick up in that area to bring back to Downtown Houston. All of these packages, on one trip – lowers YOUR carbon footprint. When you work with a company that is larger with more clients, you do have that benefit. Now, we are not saying there is anything wrong with working with small companies. However, in this example – the larger company can lower the burden on the environment by lumping several deliveries together to save gas, emissions and more.

Thanks for your efforts at “going green” and be sure to send in more examples of simple ways to reduce your impact on our environment.