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Storage Saves Lives: Hot Shot Disaster Delivery

Friday, March 16th, 2012

Couriers take their jobs seriously. We know that delivering your package on time can have a broad range of positive effects, from keeping your grandmother happy to assisting people facing incredible hardship.  Last month, we spoke a little about the importance of on-time medical supply delivery. But delivery service is also an essential way to assist others during natural disasters, such as the tornadoes that took lives and leveled homes in Kentucky, Indiana, and Ohio earlier this year.

When storms and other destructive weather-related events strike, shipment becomes a top priority. Shipping organizations are invaluable because they are capable of coordinating the movement of necessary supplies like food, water, medicine and shelter to victims of these devastating events.

Storage can be of great assistance, too. Hot Shot Delivery helps one particular client store Mobile Communication Towers that are deployed via weather balloons. These devices are useful in situations where towers are absent or have been rendered useless by a natural or man-made disaster such as forest fires and terrorist attacks. Their mobile communication towers are stored in our warehouse, as well as strategically throughout our logistics network where they can be mobilized instantly when a situation arises. Getting these devices to the scene of an emergency in the quickest, most efficient way is what Hot Shot Delivery lives for.

In preparation for hurricane season, Hot Shot has the capacity to store emergency relief supplies and generators in trailers around the city giving rescue/relief workers almost immediate access to supplies if a storm should make landfall in our area.

Disasters are tragedies. Delivery and storage logistics are some of the best ways to help prepare for uncertainty when emergencies strike. As shipping and delivery methods become more advanced, so too will the disaster response methods that save lives, rebuild countries, and make the world a better place. Hot Shot aims to continue to be part of the solution.