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The Scariest Day of the Year

November 15th, 2012

For those of you checking your calendars, yes, Halloween has come and gone — we’re talking about Black Friday, the day that can make or break a business’s year. Not only is it a nerve-wracking day for retailers, but the sheer numbers can make a distribution manager quake in his boots:

In 2011…

226 million people shopped on Black Friday.

Americans spent $52 billion on Black Friday weekend.

59% of consumers reported doing the majoring of their holiday shopping online.*

Nearly 29 million people didn’t even wait for Black Friday — they shopped on Thanksgiving Day.

This year…

Holiday sales are projected to rise 4.1% for a total of $586.1 billion.

Online sales are forecast to increase 12% for a total of $96 billion.

53% of consumers are planning to shop on Black Friday.*

52% of people would consider shopping on Thanksgiving Day if the sales are good enough.*

All numbers are as reported by the National Retail Federation except * from Accenture.

If that kind of volume sounds overwhelming, let Hot Shot allay your fears. Don’t have the warehousing capacity to store all the inventory you need for the holiday rush? Our logistics division is ready to receive, store, replenish and manage your inventory, as well as fulfill orders for your customers. Have the warehouse space but need help getting large shipments from distribution centers to stores? Check out our freight and trucking services.

No matter how diligently you plan for the holiday shopping season, inventory, distribution and shipping emergencies happen. Be prepared for the unexpected: program Hot Shot Delivery 713.869.7575 into your cell phone.

Hot Shot Secures Smartway Certification

Monday, April 2nd, 2012
Media Contact: Danielle Cote
Number:  832-369-8824
Email: dcote@hotshot-delivery.com

Leading Delivery Service Pledges to Reduce Overall Emissions

HOUSTON, TX, April 02, 2012- Hot Shot Delivery has secured SmartWay Transport Partnership Certification, pledging to reduce its overall transportation emissions. The certification serves as both recognition of Hot Shot’s efforts and approval of its shipping methods by the EPA.

The EPA’s SmartWay Certification is a sign of fuel-efficiency and environmentally friendly methods that improve air quality. SmartWay-certified businesses use more intelligent business practices to decrease the amount of smog and climate change resulting from transport. SmartWay Certification further legitimizes Hot Shot’s role as a logistics leader. The certification is also a sign of dedication and commitment on behalf of businesses, government organizations and consumers to create a better world.

To secure certification, Hot Shot had to show:

  • Significant, measurable air quality and/or greenhouse gas improvements while maintaining or improving current levels of other emissions and/or pollutants
  • A proven mechanism to quantify benefits
  • A verifiable reporting mechanism
  • A written, partnership-type agreement
  • An education requirement that connects the brand with its environmental benefits

Through these actions, companies like Hot Shot practice highly skilled, highly effective transportation delivery and improve the world for future generations.

About Hot Shot
Hot Shot Delivery Inc. is a full service delivery and logistics company providing the highest caliber courier service in Houston under the motto of “Whatever It Takes!” since 1978. Hot Shot serves clients of all sizes and across all industries. The company uses attentive, innovative problem solving to help clients with court filings, truckloads, critical parts delivery, warehousing, bank deposits and next-flight-out service. In doing so, it reaches the highest levels of ability, expertise and ethics and operates its services to the same level.
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Delivering to Houston is Sweet as Pie!

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving from our family at Hot Shot Delivery to you and yours! As the Holiday Season fast approaches, we find ourselves rushing around, often times more so than usual. Here at our fine Houston Courier Service, rushing around is what we do for a living. Hot Shot Delivery does those pesky little errands so you don’t have to. When we’re not delivering life saving medical equipment or important legal documents, you might find one of our professional uniformed couriers delivering a lunch for an office party, or even picking up and delivering your newest outfit from your finest Galleria department store.

Some of our favorite Thanksgiving memories are a little more personal. At Hot Shot Delivery, Inc. we are truly a family. We have a lot of pride in what we do and we take care of who we work with, because they take care of our customers. The inspiration for this week’s blog came from the spirit of Thanksgiving and a note our Controller, Phil, sent me about “how thankful he is for the wonderful work and assistance that the Hot Shot Delivery customer service offer.” It was also sparked by our Office Manager, Amanda, recently recalling coming into our office when the air was full of the aroma of pumpkin pies. That brought me back to one of my favorite Thanksgiving memories.


From all of us at Hot Shot Delivery, thank you for your trust and support. As our friend, customer, or prospective customer, we sincerely appreciate you. Please remember that there are many that do not have anyone to share this holiday with, so open your heart, your home, or if you are able, your wallet. Or, simply give your smile or time. Also be sure to also thank a soldier, their family, and the first responders for keeping us all safe.

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Hot Shot Delivery!


A Messenger’s Message

Thursday, September 29th, 2011

September is a tremendous month for so many reasons. Fall is in the air (sometimes here in Texas) and it’s also the month of Saint Gabriel’s Day. Gabriel was an angelic messenger. How cool is that title? The terrific thing I found out about Gabriel is that he appears across multiple religions, and there is amazing history and art associated with him. However, at the root of it all, Gabriel was a messenger.

For us, our deliveries are more than envelopes and packages.

“We deliver, peace of mind to the nervous new associate shipping their first deal to closing.” “We deliver life to the young father that is undergoing emergency valve replacement surgery.” “We deliver time to the busy executive assistant, who no longer has sit on hold to place an order.” “We deliver comfort the patient that can now choose home dialysis.” “We deliver excitement when you watch a sporting event in HD.” “We deliver luxury when you choose to eat a fine seafood meal.”

Finally, “We deliver enjoyment to our customers because they know that when we are on the delivery, they can relax, have peace of mind and time to enjoy the comfort and luxury of life.”

What we do today at Hot Shot Delivery, Inc. is no different than what we have always done. Our service options and offerings have expanded, but like Gabriel, our message is still the same.

Be sure to take a moment and reflect on the messengers and messages around you. Here’s to success and health of you and yours. Thank you to all for supporting Hot Shot and for being a part of our family.

Hot Shot Beats the Heat

Wednesday, July 27th, 2011

Here at Hot Shot we love to go bowling together. It’s a great indoor activity that allows us to spend time together and let our competitive sides come out.

Whether you lace up your bowling shoes with your co-workers, family, or a combination of the two you are bound to have a good time. In addition to being fun, activities, like bowling, use friendly competition to strengthen the relationships between a company’s employees.

Hot Shot activities have given our team something to look forward to and talk about outside of work. The bond created by having fun as a team has strengthened our working relationships. The open and positive communication between the Hot Shot team has also enabled the logistics and warehousing side of our courier business to come off without a hitch.

Creating a company team is as easy as having a signup sheet in the break room or pairing up departments that normally don’t interact with one another. So get your teams together, enjoy a fun activity and beat the heat!

How do you beat the heat? We’d love to hear your ways.