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March 2013

How big is 600,000 cubic feet?

Hot Shot Delivery has more than 600,000 cubic feet of warehouse space. So, what could you fit in there?
30,600,000,000 pennies (that's $30.6 million!)
17,485,714 bricks
612,000 basketballs
15,300 refrigerators 
2,675 Smart Cars 

Hot Shot Tip: Need to store packaged food items like sauces and spices? Our warehouse is an FDA-registered dry goods food storage facility.
What's In Your Closet?
We all have items in our homes that we never use, but can't bear to throw away. What's lying around your house? Old sports and exercise equipment? Your comic book collection? All those clothes you're holding onto until they become 'vintage'? 
If you had a warehouse, what nostalgic or collectible items would you store in it?
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Get It Fast.

Speed is our specialty. With more than 30 years of experience in the courier business, we've developed a highly sophisticated dispatching system and identified the most strategic routes throughout the Houston metropolitan area. We'll deliver your package as fast as you need it — and you'll never have to wait longer than 4 ½ hours.

Get Moving With:
Courier and messenger services
Routed and scheduled deliveries
Medical courier and deliveries
'Next Flight Out' air courier 
Transportation management services
Process service
Freight and trucking services
Warehousing services
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