Today’s Deliveries Make for a Better Tomorrow

The old adage that “great things come in small packages” has never held more true than when it comes to the contents of one of our client’s shipments. Specializing in life sciences product development, this California-based company manufactures short strands of synthetic DNA known as oligonucleotides.

These oligos, as they are more commonly called, allow researchers to decode and study the genetic makeup of any living organism — something that, until these synthetic versions entered the scene, couldn’t be done without seriously disrupting a gene’s structure.

From diagnostic tests for genetic diseases like breast cancer and cystic fibrosis to the discovery of new drugs to treat a variety of illnesses, these small imitations of life’s most basic components are paving the way for groundbreaking medical discoveries.

Hot Shot Delivery proudly helps make these modern miracles possible by providing customized shipment solutions that get these time-sensitive strands from their West Coast lab to multiple Houston researchers within 24 hours.

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