Hot Shot Tips for a Smooth Delivery

At Hot Shot Delivery, we strive to make every delivery easy and stress-free for you, our customer. The ideal delivery looks the same to us as it does to you: No questions to ask, no last-minute changes, no delays and no unexpected fees.

A smooth delivery starts with a detailed order ticket. The more we know about your shipping needs and expectations, the better we will be able to serve you. Here are a few things you can do to help get the process started off right.

   HSD_May_BlogPost_Gfx1Provide the dispatcher with as much information about your shipment as possible. If ordering online, use the “Remarks” field below the address of origin.
• What are you shipping? Is there anything time-sensitive, security-sensitive, or temperature-sensitive in the shipment?
• How many items are you shipping?
• Are they packaged in boxes, envelopes or tubes?
• Where does the courier need to go to pick up the items (specific entrance, floor or department)?


HSD_May_BlogPost_Gfx2When selecting your “Pickup Ready” time and date, think about the following:
• The amount of time between the “Pickup Ready” time entered and when the courier arrives will depend on the speed of service requested. For example: If you order a Regular delivery, the courier has 4 ½ hours to complete your delivery. Therefore, a courier may not come to pick up the package right away.
• Not only does the item you’re shipping need to be ready — so do you. Please make sure that someone will be available to hand off the item to the courier.
• Please do not schedule a package pickup during a time when your office is closed. (If your office closes for lunch, please take this into consideration as well.)


HSD_May_BlogPost_Gfx3Before finalizing your order, make sure your recipient is prepared to accept their shipment.
• Will the recipients’ office be open during the estimated delivery window? If shipping to a residence, will the recipient be home during the estimated delivery window?
• Is there a special entrance for deliveries? If so, please include this information in the “Remarks” field below the destination address.
• If shipment is large, does recipient have a loading dock?


HSD_May_BlogPost_Gfx4Leave an “in case of emergency” number.
Even the best laid plans can hit a snag sometimes. Please provide us with a way to contact you in case we are unable to pick up or deliver the package as expected.



If you have any questions regarding pickup and delivery times, please call our dispatchers at 713.869.7575.