Greatest Thanksgiving Received

The below is probably one of the greatest thanksgiving notes that we have ever received. Although it happened several years ago, everyone always smiles when we walk past this framed note on our Wall of Honor. In the spirit of Thanksgiving and Season of Giving, We hope that this story of goodness and appreciation shows that it’s sometimes the little acts of kindness that mean so very much.

Dear Hot Shot Delivery,
There is a driver of yours who deserves recognition for his honesty. On May 17, 2011, I lost my wallet. I was riding my Harley Davidson when my wallet inadvertently fell out of my pocket onto a busy street. It contained all of my personal information including my debit card and cash. Mr. Errick Harris brought my wallet to my house. When he gave me my wallet it still contained all the aforementioned personal property. I am very appreciative of his effort. I can not believe someone would go to the trouble to perform such an act of honor for a complete stranger. I was in such disbelief by this act of honesty, I neglected to get where he worked and his name at the time he delivered the wallet. My wife got on the Internet and called numerous companies trying to locate this individual. It is nice to know there are still such honorable and honest people left in the world today. I trust you will see Mr. Harris receives a copy of this letter of thanks. I am truly in his debt. I hope you will find a way to recognize this person’s kindness and honesty.
Paul G

It is rare to receive letters praising the deeds of others. Errick Harris is a remarkable young man and has a heart of gold. His actions on this day are a reflection of how he lives his life each and every day. Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!