Updates and Shipping Tips from Hot Shot Delivery

Today’s Deliveries Make for a Better Tomorrow

The old adage that “great things come in small packages” has never held more true than when it comes to the contents of one of our client’s shipments. Specializing in life sciences product development, this California-based company manufactures short strands of synthetic DNA known as oligonucleotides.

These oligos, as they are more commonly called, allow researchers to decode and study the genetic makeup of any living organism — something that, until these synthetic versions entered the scene, couldn’t be done without seriously disrupting a gene’s structure.

From diagnostic tests for genetic diseases like breast cancer and cystic fibrosis to the discovery of new drugs to treat a variety of illnesses, these small imitations of life’s most basic components are paving the way for groundbreaking medical discoveries.

Hot Shot Delivery proudly helps make these modern miracles possible by providing customized shipment solutions that get these time-sensitive strands from their West Coast lab to multiple Houston researchers within 24 hours.

Need customized delivery and logistics services for sensitive materials? Contact us and we’ll create a plan that’s just right for you.

Hot Shot Tips for a Smooth Delivery

At Hot Shot Delivery, we strive to make every delivery easy and stress-free for you, our customer. The ideal delivery looks the same to us as it does to you: No questions to ask, no last-minute changes, no delays and no unexpected fees.

A smooth delivery starts with a detailed order ticket. The more we know about your shipping needs and expectations, the better we will be able to serve you. Here are a few things you can do to help get the process started off right.

   HSD_May_BlogPost_Gfx1Provide the dispatcher with as much information about your shipment as possible. If ordering online, use the “Remarks” field below the address of origin.
• What are you shipping? Is there anything time-sensitive, security-sensitive, or temperature-sensitive in the shipment?
• How many items are you shipping?
• Are they packaged in boxes, envelopes or tubes?
• Where does the courier need to go to pick up the items (specific entrance, floor or department)?


HSD_May_BlogPost_Gfx2When selecting your “Pickup Ready” time and date, think about the following:
• The amount of time between the “Pickup Ready” time entered and when the courier arrives will depend on the speed of service requested. For example: If you order a Regular delivery, the courier has 4 ½ hours to complete your delivery. Therefore, a courier may not come to pick up the package right away.
• Not only does the item you’re shipping need to be ready — so do you. Please make sure that someone will be available to hand off the item to the courier.
• Please do not schedule a package pickup during a time when your office is closed. (If your office closes for lunch, please take this into consideration as well.)


HSD_May_BlogPost_Gfx3Before finalizing your order, make sure your recipient is prepared to accept their shipment.
• Will the recipients’ office be open during the estimated delivery window? If shipping to a residence, will the recipient be home during the estimated delivery window?
• Is there a special entrance for deliveries? If so, please include this information in the “Remarks” field below the destination address.
• If shipment is large, does recipient have a loading dock?


HSD_May_BlogPost_Gfx4Leave an “in case of emergency” number.
Even the best laid plans can hit a snag sometimes. Please provide us with a way to contact you in case we are unable to pick up or deliver the package as expected.



If you have any questions regarding pickup and delivery times, please call our dispatchers at 713.869.7575.

Hot Shot Delivery Sponsors State Troopers at “Golf Like MADD”

Houston Courier Supports Local Law Enforcement at Charity Event

HOUSTON ― March 12, 2014 ― Houston courier and logistics company Hot Shot Delivery played in this year’s Golf Like MADD Tournament — and brought along some friends in uniform. Hot Shot Delivery sponsored two teams, including six Texas State Troopers, at the February 24 event organized by MADD Southeast Texas. Altogether, the Hot Shot teams raised $1500 for Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) and also offered law enforcement officers the opportunity to participate in this charity tournament.

“Hot Shot Delivery is a prime example of how a company can support a community, and the law enforcement officers that protect it,” said Trooper Stephen Woodard. “The Troopers of the Texas Department of Public Safety Region II – Houston thank Hot Shot Delivery for its support and dedication to us and MADD during the annual golf tournament.”

Founded by a mother whose daughter was killed by a drunk driver, MADD is the nation’s largest nonprofit working to protect families from drunk driving and underage drinking. “We appreciate Hot Shot Delivery’s sponsorship of the Troopers to play in the Golf Like MADD Tournament, along with the company’s ongoing support and dedication to MADD,” said Heather Smith, special events manager for MADD Southeast Texas. “All money raised stays here in Southeast Texas, and with Hot Shot Delivery’s help we are able to further our important mission and working to keep our communities safe. We look forward to our continued partnership.”

Hot Shot Delivery has provided quality same-day delivery services to individuals and businesses in Houston for the past 35 years. Its comprehensive delivery and logistics services include local courier, same-day delivery, routed and scheduled delivery, express air, process service, freight service, warehousing and third-party logistics.

Hot Shot Delivery Donates Truckload of Goods to Houston Humane Society

Event Marks Completion of “Delivering Houston” Campaign

HOUSTON ― December 19, 2013 ― Late Wednesday morning, a Hot Shot Delivery truck pulled up to the Houston Humane Society carrying some precious cargo: nearly 500 pounds of goods from the organization’s wish list, including dog food, cat food, kitty litter, leashes, towels and treats. Hot Shot Delivery also presented the Humane Society with a check for $500.

“We are incredibly grateful for the generosity of Hot Shot Delivery,” said Houston Humane Society executive director Sherry Ferguson. “The special delivery of dog and cat food, kitty litter, towels and $500 will be used to care for the awesome animals at HHS.”
The delivery was the culmination of “Delivering Houston,” a month-long campaign to raise awareness about local charities. Beginning on November 15, Houstonians were invited to visit deliveringhouston.com and vote for their charity of choice among the three participating organizations: Houston Children’s Charity, Houston Food Bank and Houston Humane Society. By the time voting closed on December 10, Houston Humane Society had earned more than 6,600 votes and with them a donation from Hot Shot Delivery.

Hot Shot Delivery has provided quality same-day delivery services to individuals and businesses in Houston for the past 35 years. Its comprehensive delivery and logistics services include local courier, same-day delivery, routed and scheduled delivery, express air, process service, freight service, warehousing and third-party logistics.

Greatest Thanksgiving Received

The below is probably one of the greatest thanksgiving notes that we have ever received. Although it happened several years ago, everyone always smiles when we walk past this framed note on our Wall of Honor. In the spirit of Thanksgiving and Season of Giving, We hope that this story of goodness and appreciation shows that it’s sometimes the little acts of kindness that mean so very much.

Dear Hot Shot Delivery,
There is a driver of yours who deserves recognition for his honesty. On May 17, 2011, I lost my wallet. I was riding my Harley Davidson when my wallet inadvertently fell out of my pocket onto a busy street. It contained all of my personal information including my debit card and cash. Mr. Errick Harris brought my wallet to my house. When he gave me my wallet it still contained all the aforementioned personal property. I am very appreciative of his effort. I can not believe someone would go to the trouble to perform such an act of honor for a complete stranger. I was in such disbelief by this act of honesty, I neglected to get where he worked and his name at the time he delivered the wallet. My wife got on the Internet and called numerous companies trying to locate this individual. It is nice to know there are still such honorable and honest people left in the world today. I trust you will see Mr. Harris receives a copy of this letter of thanks. I am truly in his debt. I hope you will find a way to recognize this person’s kindness and honesty.
Paul G

It is rare to receive letters praising the deeds of others. Errick Harris is a remarkable young man and has a heart of gold. His actions on this day are a reflection of how he lives his life each and every day. Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!